Business development in Japan and Korea – Starting a business in Japan and Korea is not so difficult. We will strengthen the partnership with Digisys Co., Ltd. based in Korea.

 The GDP of Korea in 2018 was ranked as the 11th largest in the world. Major industries are IT, automobile, steel, and shipbuilding. Besides finance industry including fund is rapidly growing. There are more than 50 million people; nevertheless the Korean land is relatively small. Especially more than 50% of entire population is distributed in the Seoul metropolitan area. Penetrating business in this area will be the first priority from the point of view of business strategy.  In geopolitics, Japan and Korea have close relationship. In fact, in order to succeed in business, building a trust relationship between individuals will become more important. Fortunately, we have a good long-term business relationship with Digisys Co., Ltd. (디지시스주식회사) based in Korea. The company is doing a business in the field of consumer products, work supplies, and IT products. Mr. Dae-Young Sohn, president of this company, was working at one of the largest electric manufacturer which was a multinational company. He contributed to the growth of business in Korea and China. Indeed, he has a good sense in doing global business. And Mr. Sohn is not satisfied with current business and he is always exploring a new business. We are aiming to strengthen […]

Business development in Japan and Taiwan – Ability International Co., Ltd. based in Taiwan is a strategic partner to cultivate medical and healthcare market.

Taiwan is the highest country amongst Asia countries in terms of degree of pro-Japanese. It is said that building trust needed for doing business is relatively easy. Besides their national character has a lot of diligence and it becomes big advantage in business. Taiwan is a neighbor country of Japan and provide good business environment like IT infrastructure and excellent human resources. Taiwan play an important role to expand future business into Mainland China and South East Asia as a steppingstone. Ability International Co., Ltd.(佳能國際科技股份有限公司) is a member of ABICO GROUP (能率集団)which is corporation groups in Taiwan. Ability International has been expanding office equipment and IT business. They are now entering medical and healthcare market as a new business. It is expected that their business will keep growing. Kansei Group is co-working with Ability International and doing business development in Japan and Taiwan specially in the field of medical and healthcare. (Photo: Corporate website -Ability International Co., Ltd.)

Market development in Japan and Asia – J・PAD was developed to stop bleeding very quickly. J・PAD will become a recommended item as first aid kit in case of accidents or natural disasters.

If a wounded person has an excessive blood, caused by an accident or natural disaster, she could lose her life due to the delay of treatment. J・PAD can help to reduce the risk of losing her life through quick hemostasis. According to the result of hemostasis test, the J・PAD was much faster than a gauze or an absorption pad developed by other companies. In addition, J・PAD is mainly made of pulp and cotton. No drugs or chemicals are being used. It is free from side effects. Simply cover a wound with J・PAD using a bandage or a tape. No professional skill or expertise is required. The sole distributor is Emergency Life and Relief Association (ELRA).  They are expanding distribution globally. Since Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is capable of doing market development in Japan and Asia, we are helping ELRA cultivate sales channel in Asia. (Photo: J・PAD)

Business development in Japan and Philippines – Announcing business partnership with American Technologies Inc. which is very outstanding and growing company in healthcare, construction as well as IT industry.

Philippines is one of fastest growing country in Asia. The GDP shows around 6.0% in recent years. Official languages are English as well as Filipino. The young manpower in Philippines is huge and it attracts foreign companies. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. has very strong business relationship with American Technologies Inc. (ATI)  Originally ATI has grown with IT business. On top of this business, they invested their resources in the field of healthcare and construction and showed a rapid growth. Nearly 1,000 people are currently working at ATI. Our strength is a long-term relationship with a reliable local business partner. In fact, we have more than 20 years relationship with Mr. Boy Co, president of ATI. He has broad business networks and is very aggressive in business development. Working with ATI, we are also providing business matching service, M&A in Japan and Philippines. (Photo: Mr. Boy Co, president of American Technologies Inc. and Fujisaki, CEO of Kansei Group. Co., Ltd.)

Starting a business in Japan – Opened English website for foreign companies aiming to expand business into Japan !

Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is a consulting company in Japan. Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized companies (SME) based in Japan which are interested in expanding business into Asian countries. There are numerous companies that create competitive technologies, products, and services. Thus, we are providing strategy consulting in Japan and help them minimize risks of failure and raise the chance of success. Also it is true that there are many foreign companies aiming to expand business into Japan. Japan is remained to be a great economic power with its high income level. Unfortunately, Japan tends to have a closed market and the regulations and approvals are very strict. Kansei Group provides management consulting in Japan and supports foreign companies. Setting up a company in Japan and M&A in Japan are also part of our services. Please feel free to contact us. (Photo: Taken during the period of stationed in Singapore)

Market development in Japan – New Zealand wine gaining popularity ! Mr. Konrad Hengstler, a winemaker of KONRAD, visits Japan.

Eiwashoji Co., Ltd. is one of our clients and we are providing management consulting in Japan.  Eiwashoji is an exclusive distributor of KONRAD, produced in New Zealand, and SALVANO, produced in Italy. Eiwashoji organized wine events and invited Mr. Konrad Hengstler to Japan. The B2B wine seminar targeting restaurants and buyers to be held on Sep. 9, 2019. Besides B2C wine seminar to be held on Sep. 10. At the B2C seminar, attendees will enjoy KONRAD wine with Japanese food. New Zealand wine is rising amongst New World wine. KONRAD wine received many awards, and they are available at wine shop located on the basement floor of ISETAN Shinjuku Department Store. Starting a business in Japan has many great opportunities. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is a consulting company in Japan for foreign companies hoping to expand into Japan.   (Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Hengstler, winemaker of KONRAD)