Business development in Japan and Taiwan – Ability International Co., Ltd. based in Taiwan is a strategic partner to cultivate medical and healthcare market.

Taiwan is the highest country amongst Asia countries in terms of degree of pro-Japanese. It is said that building trust needed for doing business is relatively easy. Besides their national character has a lot of diligence and it becomes big advantage in business. Taiwan is a neighbor country of Japan and provide good business environment like IT infrastructure and excellent human resources. Taiwan play an important role to expand future business into Mainland China and South East Asia as a steppingstone.

Ability International Co., Ltd.(佳能國際科技股份有限公司) is a member of ABICO GROUP (能率集団)which is corporation groups in Taiwan. Ability International has been expanding office equipment and IT business. They are now entering medical and healthcare market as a new business. It is expected that their business will keep growing.

Kansei Group is co-working with Ability International and doing business development in Japan and Taiwan specially in the field of medical and healthcare.

(Photo: Corporate website -Ability International Co., Ltd.)