Australia and New Zealand

Asia Pacific business experience – 【New Zealand】 It is a very rich natural environment.

 Speaking of New Zealand, I think the image of a country with a lot of sheep is strong. New Zealand’s population is on the rise, reaching 5.11 million in 2021. Population growth has the presence of immigrants. On the other hand, the number of sheep is on a declining trend, but it still seems to be more than five times the population.  New Zealand is famous not only for its dairy farming, but also for its wine. It is popular as a wine of the New World. The Old World is a European country that has been making wine for a long time, and the New World is a country or region where wine began to be made using European grapes. The photo shows the vineyards during a visit to the Marlborough region. The harvest time had already ended, but it was a very beautiful scenery surrounded by nature. (Image: Marlborough region, New Zealand)

Asia Pacific business experience – 【Australia】 In fact, it is a country rich in nature.

 About 40% of the Australian continent is said to be desert areas. Located almost in the middle of Australia, Ayers Rock is famous, but it is the second largest monolith in the world and surrounded by deserts. Until I visited Australia, I thought that the impression of such a desert was strong and there was little green. However, when I actually visited coastal areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, the greenery was rich.   The picture shows the scenery near Sydney. This is a picture when I went on a business trip to Australia at the company where I used to work. At that time, a business partner took me to a sightseeing in a big boat. The place where the boat mooring place is located is an inlet, and I enjoyed the beautiful nature in the calm cheerfulness.  (Image: Near Sydney, Australia)

Market development in Japan – New Zealand wine gaining popularity ! Mr. Konrad Hengstler, a winemaker of KONRAD, visits Japan.

Eiwashoji Co., Ltd. is one of our clients and we are providing management consulting in Japan.  Eiwashoji is an exclusive distributor of KONRAD, produced in New Zealand, and SALVANO, produced in Italy. Eiwashoji organized wine events and invited Mr. Konrad Hengstler to Japan. The B2B wine seminar targeting restaurants and buyers to be held on Sep. 9, 2019. Besides B2C wine seminar to be held on Sep. 10. At the B2C seminar, attendees will enjoy KONRAD wine with Japanese food. New Zealand wine is rising amongst New World wine. KONRAD wine received many awards, and they are available at wine shop located on the basement floor of ISETAN Shinjuku Department Store. Starting a business in Japan has many great opportunities. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is a consulting company in Japan for foreign companies hoping to expand into Japan.   (Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Hengstler, winemaker of KONRAD)