Asia experience – 【India】The combination of plain dosa and sambar is exquisite taste

 My first business trip to India was in the mid-1990s. Among the Asian regions, I have not had many business trips to India, but I have still made more than 20 business trips. One of the pleasures of my business trip was to taste the local cuisine. Actually, when I went on a business trip to India, I was surprised at the variety of curries. There are also a wide variety of vegetarian curries.  During my business trips to India, I had delicious dishes other than curry. My recommendation is Dosa, one of the South Indian dishes. Dosa is a fermented rice and bean dough that is baked like a crepe. Plain dosa is a simple dosa with nothing inside. A dosa with a diameter of 50 cm is rolled into a cylinder or cone. Dosa is served with a side dish. Sambar is a spicy and sour curry soup made with beans and vegetables. The combination of plain dosa and sambar has an exquisite taste. (Image: Dosa and Sambar)

Asia experience – 【Singapore】The most famous food Chicken Rice

 Singapore’s best dishes include chicken rice, chili crab, laksa and satay. Chicken rice is one of the popular set meals. Chicken and rice are together. That rice is cooked in broth, but that soup is made from boiled chicken.  Among the many shops, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice is famous. When I was stationed in Singapore, there was this restaurant just a short walk away, so I went to eat there many times. Whenever I went, customers were queuing up. Many years ago, when my family came to Singapore from Japan, I took them to Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. I remember my children happily eating it, saying, “It’s delicious!” (Image: Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice)

Asia experience – 【Thailand】Mango sticky rice is a popular dessert in Thailand !

 It was more than 20 years ago, but it was when I went on a business trip to Thailand. I went to a Thai restaurant with a Thai customer.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tom Yum Kung (a famous spicy and sour Thai soup dish with shrimp) and Green Curry (a curry based on green chilies and coconut milk). And the mango sticky rice was served at the end of the meal.  I have never eaten or seen anything like this before, fresh mango, sticky rice and coconut milk on a plate. The mango sticky rice I tried for the first time didn’t taste very good. However, after eating it a few times, I got used to the sweetness of mango and the sweetness of coconut milk. Eating it with sticky rice makes for an exquisite taste. Sticky rice is very sweet and delicious like Japanese Ohagi. Mango sticky rice is now one of my favorite Thai foods. I discovered that even if I didn’t like the taste of the food at first, I could come to like it after eating it over and over again. (Image: Thai mango sticky rice)

Asia experience – 【Korea】Unforgettable Hosu-Samgyetang taste

 In my previous company, I was stationed at a local subsidiary in South Korea. Samgyetang is one of the representative Korean dishes. Samgyetang is a dish of chicken stuffed with ginseng and glutinous rice. I like samgyetang, but I have never tried samgyetang, which is said to be particularly delicious.  One day, I went to a popular restaurant, Hosu-Samgyetang, with an employee of the local subsidiary. There is no menu other than samgyetang because it is a specialty store. Ordering is easy, just tell the staff how many people you want. The samgyetang soup that I usually imagine is transparent or slightly whitish. The samgyetang brought to the table was a thick, rich, pure white soup. I still remember the first bite of well-cooked tender chicken with a little salt and this soup. It was the only flavor that you can’t find in any other samgyetang restaurants. After that, I tried other samgyetang, but Hosu-Samgyetang is still number one in my opinion. (Image: Korean food)

Asia experience – 【Taiwan】Pearl milk tea and soup dumpling of Din Tai Fung

 It is said that Din Tai Fung of Taiwan first entered the Japan in 1996.  There are now more Japan chain restaurants than there are in Taiwan. In addition, it seems that Pearl milk tea invented in Taiwan landed in Japan in the late 1990s.  Actually, when I went on a business trip to Taiwan in the mid-1990s, I enjoyed soup dumpling of Din Tai Fung and pearl milk tea. We went to Din Tai Fung for lunch and tasted soup dumpling. I had soup dumpling full of gravy on a small plate with soy sauce, vinegar and ginger. The soup dumpling I ate for the first time was very delicious and exciting. After finishing lunch at Din Tai Fung, we went to the small stand next door and ordered pearl milk tea. This was also the first time I had drunk it. Milk tea alone is delicious, but when it contains tapioca pearls, its texture can’t be said anything, and I immediately became a fan.  I even wanted to sell pearl milk tea in Japan. (Image: Pearl milk tea and Soup dumpling)

American experience – 【New York】The gap between longing New York and reality

 It has been over 30 years ago, but I still remember my first visit to New York. I arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport and boarded a bus to Manhattan. As Manhattan approached, the 102-story Empire State Building gradually became visible. I was very impressed with the feeling that I came to New York, which I longed for. However, when I arrived in Manhattan, the scene was completely different. A mixture of different countries and ethnic groups filled New York City. It was just a melting pot of races. It was a big shock to me who grew up in Japanese society. And, there is a subway doorway on the street, but when I approached it, there was a stink. I also felt that there were so many homeless people. I think my horizons have expanded greatly by experiencing New York where everything is mixed. (Image: Manhattan, New York)

Asia business experience – 【Singapore】Excellent human resources who support the development of the country

In my previous job, I stayed for about 6 years to manage a local subsidiary in Singapore. What I found wonderful about Singapore is that its national policies are clear and its politicians and bureaucrats are excellent. Singapore is a small country with a small land area and a population of about 5.7 million. If the national strategy is inferior, the prosperity of the country cannot be expected. The Singapore government reclaims coastal areas to expand the country, but imports the sediment from overseas. They also import water from Malaysia to ensure a water source. The Singapore government also invite talented human resources from overseas for economic development. The Singapore government is also active in developing human resources. They provide elite education to talented people and train them to become bureaucrats who lead the nation and lead Singapore’s industry. Also, not many people may know that the salaries of politicians and bureaucrats in Singapore are orders of magnitude higher. A system that works for the country and guarantees a life of more than enough seems to help create a competent government. (Image: Singapore)

Asia business experience – 【Hong Kong】The world’s most difficult airport to land at

 I visited Hong Kong for the first time in 1993. The current Hong Kong International Airport is located in Hong Kong New Territories Islands District, but the former international airport at that time was in Kowloon, close to the center of Hong Kong. The airport grounds are narrow and there are mountains nearby. Since the plane could not go straight ahead and land, the route was to make a large turn in a certain place and fly over the height of the buildings. At that time, I thought that the aircraft would crash into a building at any moment. As I later learned, it was called ‘the most difficult airport in the world’ to land at.  The purpose of the trip was to attend IT-related seminars and have meetings with distributors. I walked around the city in between business, but there were many buildings and people in the city, and it was very lively. Also, when conversing in English, I remember that the other party spoke quickly and it was difficult to keep up with the conversation. (Image: Food-related exhibition, Hong Kong)

Asia Pacific business experience – 【New Zealand】 It is a very rich natural environment.

 Speaking of New Zealand, I think the image of a country with a lot of sheep is strong. New Zealand’s population is on the rise, reaching 5.11 million in 2021. Population growth has the presence of immigrants. On the other hand, the number of sheep is on a declining trend, but it still seems to be more than five times the population.  New Zealand is famous not only for its dairy farming, but also for its wine. It is popular as a wine of the New World. The Old World is a European country that has been making wine for a long time, and the New World is a country or region where wine began to be made using European grapes. The photo shows the vineyards during a visit to the Marlborough region. The harvest time had already ended, but it was a very beautiful scenery surrounded by nature. (Image: Marlborough region, New Zealand)

Asia Pacific business experience – 【Australia】 In fact, it is a country rich in nature.

 About 40% of the Australian continent is said to be desert areas. Located almost in the middle of Australia, Ayers Rock is famous, but it is the second largest monolith in the world and surrounded by deserts. Until I visited Australia, I thought that the impression of such a desert was strong and there was little green. However, when I actually visited coastal areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, the greenery was rich.   The picture shows the scenery near Sydney. This is a picture when I went on a business trip to Australia at the company where I used to work. At that time, a business partner took me to a sightseeing in a big boat. The place where the boat mooring place is located is an inlet, and I enjoyed the beautiful nature in the calm cheerfulness.  (Image: Near Sydney, Australia)