Asia business experience – 【Taiwan】Strong business connection with both Japan and China

 I have been doing Asia business for about 30 years, but I have never met anyone who calls Taiwan bad. The first visit to Taiwan was 1993. At that time, there were so many motorcycles, and motorcycles were running like weaving between cars. In Taipei City, subway construction was carried out, and the infrastructure was rapidly developed and the city was full of energy. I also felt very friendly while watching the streets and people in Taiwan.  Many Taiwanese companies have strong pipes to Japan and China. In fact, when I was working in the IT company, Taiwan company became a contact window to manage production in China. It is sometimes difficult for Japanese companies to deal directly with Chinese companies. Taiwanese companies will be the mediator of business. The communication will become better and the trust relationship will increase. Taiwan also plays an important role in geopolitical affairs. (Image: Taipei, Taiwan)

Asia business experience – 【Korea】Culture that respects elders

 I have had stationed in Korea for four years. I learned how difficult it was to set up a subsidiary overseas. At the same time, I actually experienced how exciting and worthwhile it is. In Korea, people care about parents, grandparents, and elders. The below story is an example of that.  One day, I had dinner with Japanese employees who came from Japan on a business trip to Korea and Korean employees. Both employees belonged to the department that I was responsible for. We went to karaoke for team building after dinner. We really got excited. And somehow, they began to throw a wet towel at each other. At that time, one of Japanese employee threw a wet towel lightly in my direction, but unfortunately it hit me. Then a Korean employee who saw it got extremely angry with this Japanese employee. It was hard to appease the anger of this Korean employee. I thought that a little rude lecture would be allowed. However, I experienced myself that it would never be allowed. (Image: Seoul, Korea)

Set up a company in Japan – Abico Japan Co., Ltd is supporting many people who are involved in the development of human resources through educational business.

Abico Japan Co., Ltd.  is a member of ABICO GROUP based in Taiwan. ABICO GROUP is deploying business in the area of office equipment, IT products, and healthcare. Their business is expanding abroad mainly in Asia. In 2020, Abico Japan Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan.  Abico Japan is a sole distributor of IPEVO in Japan. IPEVO headquarters is located in Taiwan and they are large manufacture of document camera. In the United States, they have a large market share specially in the education market. Abico Japan’s mission is to pioneer education market and to develop human resources towards future. (Image: IPEVO product, document camera)

Management consulting in Japan – Introducing Japan Axis Communication Association providing human resources development program.

 Japan Axis Communication Association analyzes human resources and provides consulting service with team leaders and managements. They are proposing a way of team building and communication between employees to promote productivity and business growth. There are parts of personality that you can not see, even though you have been seeing each other for years. They analyze that invisible part as an expert and seek a way of sales improvement which is beneficial to customers, employees, and management. Their motto is to change our communication, change our culture, and change our society. They are actively developing activities to contribute to the social community through better communication.  The most important one may be ‘people’ in the management resources like people, things, money, and information. We are sympathetic with their vision and mission and look forward to find an opportunity to work with them. (Image: Seminar conducted by Japan Axis Communication Association)

Asia business – Announcement of partnership with GiversNetwork providing service for HR and customer attraction though WEB marketing.

 GiversNetwork provides HR service and WEB marketing service focusing on recruitment and attracting customers. They are using WEB based service for recruitment and attracting customer and are supporting companies with shortage of manpower or problem of attracting customers. Their marketing plan and execution include research for target user, improvement on WEB site analysis and search raking, and operation of SNS.  WEB based business keeps expanding even under COVID-19. Our company is helping GiversNetwork to grow their service based on WEB. We will spread human networks in proportion to how we work. (Image: GiversNetwork website)

Asia business – We became a business partner of INASIA LLC who is providing consulting service of global business.

 INASIA LLC has been providing consulting service of global business like advance overseas. Their Global Consultant Network is well managed and connects an expert business person to companies which are expanding overseas. Many experts have experienced working overseas ad working in global companies. INASIA LLC is doing feasibility study, research, planning, solution of various challenges in the country to move abroad. They are active with rich foreign experienced consultants. Since our company was able to have a relationship with INASIA LLC, we hope that Asia business will expand. There are companies even under COVID-19 that are actively considering business expansion to Asia. It will become possible to make a synergic proposal by working with them. Whether or not the project is larger or small, please feel free to contact us. (Photo: Global Consultant Network website)

Market development in Japan – EDIX Tokyo (Educational IT Solutions Expo) was held at Makuhari Messe. We conducted a market research on behalf of Taiwan IT company which is aiming to enter Japan market.

 EDIX Tokyo was held between September 16 and 18. It is the largest exhibition amongst education field. Teachers and staff from elementary, junior high, high school, University, and Education Board, visited. Three exhibitions, Educational IT Solutions Expo, School Facility & Service Expo, and STEAM Education Expo were held on the same date. Many of ICT devices, digital teaching materials, business support software were displayed. And it will help to solve various problems in education.  We conducted a market research on behalf of Taiwan IT company which is aiming to enter Japan market. We need a different way of education because of COVID-19. The plan of GIGA School initiated by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology aims to achieve education in accordance with the individuality of children through maintaining LAN in school, introducing a computer for learners, making learning materials and school affairs on cloud, and making good use of ICT. (Photo: EDIX Tokyo@Makuhari Messe)

Market development in Japan and Asia – Online meeting application, Comment Screen, is rapidly expanding due to the COVID-19.

Comment Screen is a service that can be posted on a slide like a Niconico video, when you post comments on your computer display from your smartphone. Those who post comments, they do not need to download application. While presenting the presentation, you can get the audience’s reaction in real time, and you can easily form a two-way community where the venue becomes one. Comment Screen is used for a wide range of purposes, such as presentation, company meetings, online events. Specially it is used in remote classes by educational institutions that are blocking the school due to the spread of COVID-19. Comment Screen is also used in companies doing telework.  Comment Screen Co., Ltd. is getting attention from overseas, and the number of inquiries is rapidly increasing. The market tends to expand due to the COVID-19. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is helping them expand their business in Asia. (Photo: From website, Comment Screen Co., Ltd.)

Market development in Asia – Promoting KIMIGATAME「君がため」that came out of the research of treatment of atopic eczema to Asia.

 KIMIGATAME「君がため」 is a face wash made from 100 percent natural minerals and microbes. This is a product of Only One. This is a fusion of glaze rocks of Mt. Tanakami facing Lake Biwa and natural water gushing from the rocks and rocks and the microbes cleansing like Lake Biwa. Mt. Tanakami is where the biggest meteor in Japan has fallen and has become a power spot. KIMIGATAME helps to maintain a beautiful skin and also helps to create a healthier basis for skin problems. In order to make microbes work, no oil components such as preservatives and emulsifier are included. The developer is KIMIGATAME Co., Ltd. and they are exploring business opportunities abroad. KIMIGATAME product is highly evaluated in Japan. As Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is a business partner, we are helping them deploy business in Asia. (Photo: KIMIGATAME)

Market development in Japan and Asia – Agrogenics Pte. Ltd. is a “ Green Solutions Provider “ and we are committed to improve the environment in Asian countries.

 Organic wastes include vegetable scraps, distiller grain, bony parts of fish, animal droppings, and others. There are ways to dispose the organic wastes by incineration or dumping, however we have problems with air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution. Organic wastes are expected to be effective as resources, because they have nutrients and energy.  Agroneics Pte. Ltd. is a biotechnology company based in Singapore. Enzymes are being used to convert organic wastes into such as fertilizer. Agrogenics has customers in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and other countries. They will keep deploying business across Asia. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is helping them promote market development in Japan and Asia. (Drawing:Application of Agrogenics Products)