Market development in Japan – EDIX Tokyo (Educational IT Solutions Expo) was held at Makuhari Messe. We conducted a market research on behalf of Taiwan IT company which is aiming to enter Japan market.

 EDIX Tokyo was held between September 16 and 18. It is the largest exhibition amongst education field. Teachers and staff from elementary, junior high, high school, University, and Education Board, visited. Three exhibitions, Educational IT Solutions Expo, School Facility & Service Expo, and STEAM Education Expo were held on the same date. Many of ICT devices, digital teaching materials, business support software were displayed. And it will help to solve various problems in education.  We conducted a market research on behalf of Taiwan IT company which is aiming to enter Japan market. We need a different way of education because of COVID-19. The plan of GIGA School initiated by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology aims to achieve education in accordance with the individuality of children through maintaining LAN in school, introducing a computer for learners, making learning materials and school affairs on cloud, and making good use of ICT. (Photo: EDIX Tokyo@Makuhari Messe)

Market development in Japan and Asia – Online meeting application, Comment Screen, is rapidly expanding due to the COVID-19.

Comment Screen is a service that can be posted on a slide like a Niconico video, when you post comments on your computer display from your smartphone. Those who post comments, they do not need to download application. While presenting the presentation, you can get the audience’s reaction in real time, and you can easily form a two-way community where the venue becomes one. Comment Screen is used for a wide range of purposes, such as presentation, company meetings, online events. Specially it is used in remote classes by educational institutions that are blocking the school due to the spread of COVID-19. Comment Screen is also used in companies doing telework.  Comment Screen Co., Ltd. is getting attention from overseas, and the number of inquiries is rapidly increasing. The market tends to expand due to the COVID-19. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is helping them expand their business in Asia. (Photo: From website, Comment Screen Co., Ltd.)

Market development in Asia – Promoting KIMIGATAME「君がため」that came out of the research of treatment of atopic eczema to Asia.

 KIMIGATAME「君がため」 is a face wash made from 100 percent natural minerals and microbes. This is a product of Only One. This is a fusion of glaze rocks of Mt. Tanakami facing Lake Biwa and natural water gushing from the rocks and rocks and the microbes cleansing like Lake Biwa. Mt. Tanakami is where the biggest meteor in Japan has fallen and has become a power spot. KIMIGATAME helps to maintain a beautiful skin and also helps to create a healthier basis for skin problems. In order to make microbes work, no oil components such as preservatives and emulsifier are included. The developer is KIMIGATAME Co., Ltd. and they are exploring business opportunities abroad. KIMIGATAME product is highly evaluated in Japan. As Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is a business partner, we are helping them deploy business in Asia. (Photo: KIMIGATAME)

Market development in Japan and Asia – Agrogenics Pte. Ltd. is a “ Green Solutions Provider “ and we are committed to improve the environment in Asian countries.

 Organic wastes include vegetable scraps, distiller grain, bony parts of fish, animal droppings, and others. There are ways to dispose the organic wastes by incineration or dumping, however we have problems with air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution. Organic wastes are expected to be effective as resources, because they have nutrients and energy.  Agroneics Pte. Ltd. is a biotechnology company based in Singapore. Enzymes are being used to convert organic wastes into such as fertilizer. Agrogenics has customers in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and other countries. They will keep deploying business across Asia. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is helping them promote market development in Japan and Asia. (Drawing:Application of Agrogenics Products)

Starting a business in India – We support start-up companies ! The Indian market has a big appeal.

 According to the United Nations, India’s population will surpass China within 10 years and become the number one population in the world. The world’s current population is about 7.7 billion, China has up to 1.4 billion, and India is the second largest and 1.3 billion. In addition, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s report on India, in the distribution of household income, the middle income grew from 4% in 2000 to 53.5% in 2018, attracting global attention.   India and Japan have different business practices and cultures, and I think there are many small and medium-sized companies that are interested in the Indian market but are hesitant to enter the market. We are working with Arevn Marketing Solution, an Indian marketing company. They support start-ups entering the Indian market. They also specialized in digital marketing and e-commerce, and are growing its business. (Photo: Corporate website – Arevn Marketing Solution)

Business development in Japan and Thailand – Contents industry in Thailand is rapidly growing. Our business partner, Computer Graphic Plus Co., Ltd. will develop collaboration in character license and creative events.

 There are about 68 million people living in Thailand. Thailand overcame financial crisis and natural disasters and has been showing a long-term economy growth since late 20th century. Thailand ranked 4th place followed by China, The Unites States, and India amongst Japanese companies expanding overseas. (As of 2017) The Government of Thailand announced Thailand 4.0 as a long-term economy development plan and is focused on fostering digital economy and a new generation of industries. The contents industry includes game software, character, animation, comic, movie, music, and others. Especially game software and animation are booming in Thailand.  We have noticed that contents industry in Thailand kept growing and have made a partnership with Computer Graphic Plus Co., Ltd. based in Bangkok, Thailand. They are consultant agency for creative events and collaboration projects. We expect development in character license and creative events coming from Japan or Thailand. (Photo: Corporate website – Computer Graphic Plus Co., Ltd.)

Eiwashoji Co., Ltd. is planning to participate the wine event held by Isetan Shinjuku Department Store. Enjoy wine tasting of Konrad from New Zealand and Salvano from Italy !

 The wine event named ‘World journey on wine exhibition 2020’ is scheduled from February 19 to 24, 2020. The event is well accepted every year and visitors can enjoy wine imported from more than 30 countries. Visitors can purchase favorite wine at the event.  Eiwashoji Co., Ltd. is an official importer of Konard from New Zealand, Salvano from Italy, and Santavinea from Italy. The tasting notes were created by well known wine lecturer at Japan’s No. 1 wine school, Academie Du Vin. Eiwashoji is advertising the tradition and passion of wine growers. They are doing branding to increase the awareness of fine and high quality wine.  Eiwashoji has a great passion for wine and our company was very stimulated by this. We are helping to create branding and sales strategy. (Image: web site – Isetan Shinjuku Department Store)

Market research in India – Daidokasei Co., Ltd. based in Japan participated PLASTIVISION which is the largest exhibition amongst plastic industry in India. They displayed various type of floor mats and it was well received.

The number of Japanese companies in India is more than 1,400 as of 2018. And the number of Japanese residents in India is about 9,200 as of 2017. The India economy keeps growing and the India market is getting more attractive. On the other hand, customers in India may have strong demand than any other country in Asia. They expect localized products to meet their demand. In addition, they emphasis on price over quality. The PLASTIVISION, largest exhibition in the plastic industry in India, was held from Jan. 16 to 20, 2020 in Mumbai. There were five halls and occupied by more than 1,500 exhibitors. Daidokasei Co., Ltd. is manufacturing like automobile mats and mats for civil engineering. They displayed floor mats for this exhibition. Many visitors showed their interest in various type of floor mats by increasing performance of conductivity, antibacterial, and flame-retardant. Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is supporting the market strategy and development of sales channels in India. (Photo: Daidokasei Co., Ltd. is displaying floor mats.)

Business development in Japan and Korea – Starting a business in Japan and Korea is not so difficult. We will strengthen the partnership with Digisys Co., Ltd. based in Korea.

 The GDP of Korea in 2018 was ranked as the 11th largest in the world. Major industries are IT, automobile, steel, and shipbuilding. Besides finance industry including fund is rapidly growing. There are more than 50 million people; nevertheless the Korean land is relatively small. Especially more than 50% of entire population is distributed in the Seoul metropolitan area. Penetrating business in this area will be the first priority from the point of view of business strategy.  In geopolitics, Japan and Korea have close relationship. In fact, in order to succeed in business, building a trust relationship between individuals will become more important. Fortunately, we have a good long-term business relationship with Digisys Co., Ltd. (디지시스주식회사) based in Korea. The company is doing a business in the field of consumer products, work supplies, and IT products. Mr. Dae-Young Sohn, president of this company, was working at one of the largest electric manufacturer which was a multinational company. He contributed to the growth of business in Korea and China. Indeed, he has a good sense in doing global business. And Mr. Sohn is not satisfied with current business and he is always exploring a new business. We are aiming to strengthen […]

Business development in Japan and Taiwan – Ability International Co., Ltd. based in Taiwan is a strategic partner to cultivate medical and healthcare market.

Taiwan is the highest country amongst Asia countries in terms of degree of pro-Japanese. It is said that building trust needed for doing business is relatively easy. Besides their national character has a lot of diligence and it becomes big advantage in business. Taiwan is a neighbor country of Japan and provide good business environment like IT infrastructure and excellent human resources. Taiwan play an important role to expand future business into Mainland China and South East Asia as a steppingstone. Ability International Co., Ltd.(佳能國際科技股份有限公司) is a member of ABICO GROUP (能率集団)which is corporation groups in Taiwan. Ability International has been expanding office equipment and IT business. They are now entering medical and healthcare market as a new business. It is expected that their business will keep growing. Kansei Group is co-working with Ability International and doing business development in Japan and Taiwan specially in the field of medical and healthcare. (Photo: Corporate website -Ability International Co., Ltd.)