Asia experience – 【India】The combination of plain dosa and sambar is exquisite taste

 My first business trip to India was in the mid-1990s. Among the Asian regions, I have not had many business trips to India, but I have still made more than 20 business trips. One of the pleasures of my business trip was to taste the local cuisine. Actually, when I went on a business trip to India, I was surprised at the variety of curries. There are also a wide variety of vegetarian curries.

 During my business trips to India, I had delicious dishes other than curry. My recommendation is Dosa, one of the South Indian dishes. Dosa is a fermented rice and bean dough that is baked like a crepe. Plain dosa is a simple dosa with nothing inside. A dosa with a diameter of 50 cm is rolled into a cylinder or cone. Dosa is served with a side dish. Sambar is a spicy and sour curry soup made with beans and vegetables. The combination of plain dosa and sambar has an exquisite taste.

(Image: Dosa and Sambar)