Asia experience – 【Thailand】Mango sticky rice is a popular dessert in Thailand !

 It was more than 20 years ago, but it was when I went on a business trip to Thailand. I went to a Thai restaurant with a Thai customer.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tom Yum Kung (a famous spicy and sour Thai soup dish with shrimp) and Green Curry (a curry based on green chilies and coconut milk). And the mango sticky rice was served at the end of the meal.

 I have never eaten or seen anything like this before, fresh mango, sticky rice and coconut milk on a plate. The mango sticky rice I tried for the first time didn’t taste very good. However, after eating it a few times, I got used to the sweetness of mango and the sweetness of coconut milk. Eating it with sticky rice makes for an exquisite taste. Sticky rice is very sweet and delicious like Japanese Ohagi. Mango sticky rice is now one of my favorite Thai foods. I discovered that even if I didn’t like the taste of the food at first, I could come to like it after eating it over and over again.

(Image: Thai mango sticky rice)