American experience – 【New York】The gap between longing New York and reality

 It has been over 30 years ago, but I still remember my first visit to New York. I arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport and boarded a bus to Manhattan. As Manhattan approached, the 102-story Empire State Building gradually became visible. I was very impressed with the feeling that I came to New York, which I longed for.

However, when I arrived in Manhattan, the scene was completely different. A mixture of different countries and ethnic groups filled New York City. It was just a melting pot of races. It was a big shock to me who grew up in Japanese society. And, there is a subway doorway on the street, but when I approached it, there was a stink. I also felt that there were so many homeless people. I think my horizons have expanded greatly by experiencing New York where everything is mixed.

(Image: Manhattan, New York)