Asia business experience – 【Singapore】Excellent human resources who support the development of the country

In my previous job, I stayed for about 6 years to manage a local subsidiary in Singapore. What I found wonderful about Singapore is that its national policies are clear and its politicians and bureaucrats are excellent.

Singapore is a small country with a small land area and a population of about 5.7 million. If the national strategy is inferior, the prosperity of the country cannot be expected. The Singapore government reclaims coastal areas to expand the country, but imports the sediment from overseas. They also import water from Malaysia to ensure a water source. The Singapore government also invite talented human resources from overseas for economic development.

The Singapore government is also active in developing human resources. They provide elite education to talented people and train them to become bureaucrats who lead the nation and lead Singapore’s industry. Also, not many people may know that the salaries of politicians and bureaucrats in Singapore are orders of magnitude higher. A system that works for the country and guarantees a life of more than enough seems to help create a competent government.

(Image: Singapore)