Asia Pacific business experience – 【Australia】 In fact, it is a country rich in nature.

 About 40% of the Australian continent is said to be desert areas. Located almost in the middle of Australia, Ayers Rock is famous, but it is the second largest monolith in the world and surrounded by deserts. Until I visited Australia, I thought that the impression of such a desert was strong and there was little green. However, when I actually visited coastal areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, the greenery was rich. 

 The picture shows the scenery near Sydney. This is a picture when I went on a business trip to Australia at the company where I used to work. At that time, a business partner took me to a sightseeing in a big boat. The place where the boat mooring place is located is an inlet, and I enjoyed the beautiful nature in the calm cheerfulness. 

(Image: Near Sydney, Australia)