Asia business experience – 【Philippines】Manila Airport now and then

 I first visited the Philippines in the mid-1990s. I had a very unique experience at Manila Airport. That was when I used the toilet at the airport. When I stood in front of the wash basin, the toilet cleaner next to me twisted the faucet and let out water. And when I finished washing my hands, he gave me a tissue towel. It was my first time to receive such a service at the airport and I was impressed that it was a wonderful country. But when I was about to leave, the toilet cleaner reached out and asked for a tip. I couldn’t believe this was happening at the airport.

   And something even more surprising happened. When I passed through customs and left the lobby, there was a person selling photos. It was a picture of me. It was a photo taken on the way to the immigration procedure when the plane arrived at Manila Airport. By the time I leave the airport, the photos are developed and sold.

   At that time, such things may have been tolerated, but now the economy has grown and the standards of international airports have risen, and no such scene can be seen. Every time I remember, I think humorous, but I am looking forward to the future development of the Philippines.

(Image: Taking a picture of a marriage in Manila, Philippines)