Asia Business Experience – 【Thailand】A country where there are many respectful and polite people.

 In the middle of 1990, I went to Thailand for the first time. I arrived at the airport in Bangkok and looked for a taxi through customs. I found that the taxi charges are in advance. I took a taxi without having to worry about the taxi’s fee. But my taxi was almost stuck in traffic as it approached the center of Bangkok. Because the infrastructure had not been maintained I did not know what time we would be at the hotel. And I was convinced that the taxi’s fee was prepaid.

 And it took about two hours to get to the hotel. But I looked closely, and it was not the hotel I booked. When I told the driver about it, the driver recommended me that I should change the hotel because it is inexpensive and better service. It is never going to happen in Japan. But I saw a blind smile, I could easily forgive it. My impression of Thailand still does not change that much. A country where many respectful and polite people are.

(Image: Chiang Mai, Thailand)