Asia Business Experience – 【China】Large-scale building remained impressive.

  I first traveled to China in the late 1990s. I worked in the IT company, and I was involved in a project that would set up a subsidiary in China. A Chinese employee played an important role as a bridge between Japan and China. The project succeeded and we could establish a subsidiary in China.

 When the project was ongoing, I traveled to Beijing, China almost every month. My business contact showed me the city and the surroundings of Beijing. Government buildings and commercial facilities in the center of Beijing are very large, and there are no similar buildings in Tokyo. I saw the Forbidden City (National Palace Museum), and I felt the history of the emperor as well as its size. And when I saw the Great Wall, I was overwhelmed. I felt a mind-boggling when I imagined how many thousand kilometers of walls were built.

(Image:  Great Wall of China)