Market development in Japan and Asia – J・PAD was developed to stop bleeding very quickly. J・PAD will become a recommended item as first aid kit in case of accidents or natural disasters.

If a wounded person has an excessive blood, caused by an accident or natural disaster, she could lose her life due to the delay of treatment. J・PAD can help to reduce the risk of losing her life through quick hemostasis. According to the result of hemostasis test, the J・PAD was much faster than a gauze or an absorption pad developed by other companies.

In addition, J・PAD is mainly made of pulp and cotton. No drugs or chemicals are being used. It is free from side effects. Simply cover a wound with J・PAD using a bandage or a tape. No professional skill or expertise is required.

The sole distributor is Emergency Life and Relief Association (ELRA).  They are expanding distribution globally. Since Kansei Group Co., Ltd. is capable of doing market development in Japan and Asia, we are helping ELRA cultivate sales channel in Asia.

(Photo: J・PAD)