Asia experience – 【Korea】Unforgettable Hosu-Samgyetang taste

 In my previous company, I was stationed at a local subsidiary in South Korea. Samgyetang is one of the representative Korean dishes. Samgyetang is a dish of chicken stuffed with ginseng and glutinous rice. I like samgyetang, but I have never tried samgyetang, which is said to be particularly delicious.

 One day, I went to a popular restaurant, Hosu-Samgyetang, with an employee of the local subsidiary. There is no menu other than samgyetang because it is a specialty store. Ordering is easy, just tell the staff how many people you want. The samgyetang soup that I usually imagine is transparent or slightly whitish. The samgyetang brought to the table was a thick, rich, pure white soup. I still remember the first bite of well-cooked tender chicken with a little salt and this soup. It was the only flavor that you can’t find in any other samgyetang restaurants. After that, I tried other samgyetang, but Hosu-Samgyetang is still number one in my opinion.

(Image: Korean food)