Sustainable Materials Exhibition – Daido Kasei Co., Ltd. exhibited.

 The 3rd Sustainable Materials Exhibition was held at Makuhari Messe from October 4th to 6th, 2023. This exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition featuring sustainable materials and recycling technologies. This time, Daido Kasei Co., Ltd. ( ) exhibited. This company is working on recycling vinyl chloride resin and reusing used carpet tiles, which are industrial waste. Also on display were prototypes of umbrellas and eco-bags made from recycled materials. Many people stopped by Daido Kasei’s booth, demonstrating the high level of interest in environmental business. (Image: Daido Kasei Co., Ltd.’s booth)

Asia experience – 【Malaysia】Soy meat vegetarian dish

 I made a business trip to Malaysia in the mid-1990s. After business talks with the customer, we decided to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The customer ordered a variety of menus and had a delicious meal. There was a menu like chicken in it. When I ate it, it was not chicken, but I could taste the texture of meat. The customer was actually a vegetarian.  At that time, the word vegetarian was not so familiar. I only knew about eating mainly vegetables. I remember being impressed by a dish that used soy meat to make it look like meat. (Image: Soy meat dish)

America experience – 【America】Memorable New York pizza

 The first overseas trip was in 1984 in New York, USA. I had a strong desire to go abroad to see the beautiful nature and meet many people. And it was the United States that I was able to go overseas from Japan for the first time. Moreover, I visited the city of my dreams, New York.  A few days after arriving in Manhattan, I was enjoying the atmosphere while walking the streets near the Empire State Building. When I was a little hungry and started looking for a shop, I found a stall selling pizza. Surprisingly there was only one type of pizza. The pizza was a thin crust with only tomato sauce and cheese and no toppings. And that one slice pizza was huge. It may have been 30 cm or more. My taste buds were dancing when I took a bite of the hot, freshly baked pizza. This was the New York pizza that I would come to know later. (Image: New York pizza)

Asia experience – 【China】I can’t forget the taste of Shanghai crab.

 So far, I have visited about 30 countries on business trips and vacations. Each country has its own delicious food. For example, I will never forget the taste of Shanghai crab that I ate for the first time in Shanghai. I’m sure many people like crab, but I didn’t like it that much. However, my evaluation of crabs skyrocketed after enjoying Shanghai crabs.  I visited Shanghai around November, which was the season for Shanghai crabs. The whole steamed Shanghai crab was rich in crab miso and eggs, and had a rich taste and was very delicious. Shanghai crabs are eaten by breaking them apart and scraping them out. I wasn’t very good at it at first. I still remember that the waiter helped me to scrape out the contents of the crab. (Image: Shanghai crabs)