Consulting fee

Consulting fee

Our pricing system

We offer advisory contracts and hourly charges.

We offer various pricing systems such as contingency basis, advisory contracts, and hourly charges. When it is contingency basis, it tends to aim for a short-term increase of sales and profits and therefore becomes difficult to formulate a medium to long-term business strategy. To build a long-term relationship with our clients, we recommend either an advisory contract or hourly charges.

We can handle investment, M&A cases and business support.

We can provide service for clients considering investment and M&A in Japanese companies. We also provide support for setting up a company in Japan. We offer various pricing systems per individual case.

We support our clients as a business partner.

We are in no position to mentor nor are we a subcontract. Our goal is to fulfill projects together standing on the same level as our clients. We do not create detailed business plans or written materials, but instead share project goals and challenges and provide proposals and consultations to fulfill them as well as join meetings and discussions.

Advisory contract


Through a hearing, we will clarify the definition of “deliverable” and build an agreement to avoid conflict.

<Period of contract>

Some consulting companies set a minimum of 1 year as a period of contract, but some clients feel that this may be too long. We offer a contract of 3 or 6 months. If our client feels satisfied with the results and would like to continue with the project, we will then ask to extend the contract.

<Contract fee>

We will send an estimated price individually.

*Please note expenses such as traveling fees and setting up a company fees will be charged separately.

Hourly charges


There is no exact definition of “deliverables”.
Please let us know what your consultation is about during our first hearing.


1 hour: From 180 USD
*For clients overseas, we will provide consultation through an online meeting system.
*The first hearing is free of charge.
*The payment method will be further announced.

<Benefits of hourly charges>

We cannot cover and solve everything within a limited time, but we hope to provide a hint on going in the right direction in what kind of method. This type of consultation can also be used as an opportunity for clients to decide whether to continue using our service or not.

Flow of consultation

STEP1 Contact

Please fill out the form on the “Contact us” page on our website.

STEP2 Reservation

We will decide the date of your hearing which will take place on an online meeting system. If the client is in Japan, we can also meet face to face.

STEP3 Hearing

During the hearing, please tell us about your company including the objective of your business, considerations on expanding into Japan, what services you expect from us, etc.

STEP4 Estimation

We will submit a list of services we can provide and the estimated cost.

STEP5 Contract

If the client is satisfied with the services and the cost, we will make a contract.