Asia business experience – 【Hong Kong】The world’s most difficult airport to land at

 I visited Hong Kong for the first time in 1993. The current Hong Kong International Airport is located in Hong Kong New Territories Islands District, but the former international airport at that time was in Kowloon, close to the center of Hong Kong. The airport grounds are narrow and there are mountains nearby. Since the plane could not go straight ahead and land, the route was to make a large turn in a certain place and fly over the height of the buildings. At that time, I thought that the aircraft would crash into a building at any moment. As I later learned, it was called ‘the most difficult airport in the world’ to land at.

 The purpose of the trip was to attend IT-related seminars and have meetings with distributors. I walked around the city in between business, but there were many buildings and people in the city, and it was very lively. Also, when conversing in English, I remember that the other party spoke quickly and it was difficult to keep up with the conversation.

(Image: Food-related exhibition, Hong Kong)