Asia Business Experience –【Indonesia】The terrorist bombing incident in Bali shocked me.

 It was about 20 years ago. At the time, I was working for computer peripheral manufacturer and was responsible for sales and marketing in the Asia Pacific region. The development of distributors for computer peripherals has progressed steadily in each country, and the number has exceeded 20. Around this time, we invited all distributors to hold a distributor meeting once every two years.

 We planned a 2002 distributor meeting in Bali, Indonesia from Oct. 21st to 25th. In line with this, we had almost completed preparations 10 days before the date of the event, such as adjusting flights for participants from each country, booking accommodation and meals, and preparing presentation materials for the event. All that was left was to make the final adjustments and board the airplane. The terrorist bombing incident occurred on October 12 in Bali. The damage was enormous and shocked all over the world, and the distributor meeting was canceled. If there was a terrorist bomb attack during the distributor meeting, it would have been disastrous.  We also prayed for the souls of the victims of the terrorist bombing.

(Image: 45th anniversary event of Indonesia distributor)