Asia Business Experience – 【Singapore】What I learned through hiring people

 Singapore has the same area as 23 districts of Tokyo, but it has about 5.7 million people. Singapore’s markets are never big, but the infrastructure is being developed as a business base in South East Asia. In Singapore, English, Chinese, and other languages are used as an official language.  Singapore encourages foreign investments and company set up in Singapore. Singapore’s strength is that there are many skilled and experienced people.

 I stayed in Singapore for six years and experienced management of the subsidiary set up by Japan HQ. When you hire people in Japan, most people agree to keep current salary. However most people expect more than 10% increase of their salary in Singapore.  The reason is simple: because they are going to change their jobs. The new job market has been established, and the salary increase is common practice. And then we create Job Description like Western companies and make sure the job is clear.

(Image: Singapore)