Business development in Japan and Korea – Starting a business in Japan and Korea is not so difficult. We will strengthen the partnership with Digisys Co., Ltd. based in Korea.

 The GDP of Korea in 2018 was ranked as the 11th largest in the world. Major industries are IT, automobile, steel, and shipbuilding. Besides finance industry including fund is rapidly growing. There are more than 50 million people; nevertheless the Korean land is relatively small. Especially more than 50% of entire population is distributed in the Seoul metropolitan area. Penetrating business in this area will be the first priority from the point of view of business strategy.

 In geopolitics, Japan and Korea have close relationship. In fact, in order to succeed in business, building a trust relationship between individuals will become more important. Fortunately, we have a good long-term business relationship with Digisys Co., Ltd. (디지시스주식회사) based in Korea. The company is doing a business in the field of consumer products, work supplies, and IT products. Mr. Dae-Young Sohn, president of this company, was working at one of the largest electric manufacturer which was a multinational company. He contributed to the growth of business in Korea and China. Indeed, he has a good sense in doing global business. And Mr. Sohn is not satisfied with current business and he is always exploring a new business.

We are aiming to strengthen business relationship with Digisys and promote business development in Japan and Korea.

(Photo: Corporate website -Digisys Co., Ltd.)