Business development in Japan and Philippines – Announcing business partnership with American Technologies Inc. which is very outstanding and growing company in healthcare, construction as well as IT industry.

Philippines is one of fastest growing country in Asia. The GDP shows around 6.0% in recent years. Official languages are English as well as Filipino. The young manpower in Philippines is huge and it attracts foreign companies.

Kansei Group Co., Ltd. has very strong business relationship with American Technologies Inc. (ATI)  Originally ATI has grown with IT business. On top of this business, they invested their resources in the field of healthcare and construction and showed a rapid growth. Nearly 1,000 people are currently working at ATI.

Our strength is a long-term relationship with a reliable local business partner. In fact, we have more than 20 years relationship with Mr. Boy Co, president of ATI. He has broad business networks and is very aggressive in business development. Working with ATI, we are also providing business matching service, M&A in Japan and Philippines.

(Photo: Mr. Boy Co, president of American Technologies Inc. and Fujisaki, CEO of Kansei Group. Co., Ltd.)