Asia Business Experience – 【India】My first business trip to India

 I had business trip to India nearly 40 times. My first business trip to India was June, 1995. I was stimulated by India and I have changed my outlook on life a little. At that time, I mostly went on a business trip by myself, my first business trip to India was also alone. I remember booking a hotel with no internet, using a travel guidebook to fax.

 As for my first business trip to India, I visited four cities for ten days. The first time I arrived was Chennai Airport. It was midnight, so I got into a taxi right away. After left the airport, road lamps became more less and the road was getting dark. Then, the taxi driver suddenly put brakes even though there was no traffic light. I felt like I was waiting for long time. I was a foreigner and I was worried what I would do if I was attacked. At the very time, a few black cows were slowly crossing the road. I heard cows are God in India, and it was really true. My worries have completely disappeared and I could not help laughing.

(Image: India)